In case you haven’t discovered the large variety of terrific Italian Wines available these days here is your chance to do so if you are in NYC on the 25th of October. Sponsored by VINITALY, the Ambassador Organization of the finest Italian Wines, there will be a celebration of this event at the newly opened 36,000 sq ft   Italian Food Store “EATALY” at 23rd & 5th Ave.

If you are in the trade, the doors will be open from 2pm-6 pm.   and the consumer walk-around tasting will be from 6-9 pm.  The main purpose of this event is to introduce to the American public as well as to distributors, retailers, sommeliers, etc. the leading wines of Italy.  The day will consist of trade panel discussions as well as a charity tasting.   The cost to the public is $55.00/pp with all the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. (tax deductible of course).     And there will be a consumer sweepstakes with the winner heading to Verona, IT in April 2011.

Stevie Kim, a Senior Advisor to the CEO of Veranofiere, the promotion company for the VINITALY event, is spearheading this event and will be available to answer questions, comments, etc. throughout the day.   She informed me that VINITALY is one of the largest wine events in the world.   The tour will also be held in Philadelphia on Wednesday October 27th and at the Italian Embassy in Wash, D.C.  on the 28th.

My suggestion:   Don’t miss it if you’re nearby.

To your health,