Nutrition –Nature’s Gift: Remedies for What Ails Us

“Uhh….I doan feel so good tuhday, mommy.  Can I stay home from school?”   That was our lament when we were kids—and still is today for most young people.   But as adults, we can’t ask to stay home from the office and expect somebody to give us coloring books and hot chocolate to make us feel better.  So we  try to combat illness when it strikes with over the counter and prescription drugs…..most of the time without getting the results we would like.  If a cough persists, CALL THE DOCTOR!,   If a fever doesn’t go away, CALL THE DOCTOR!  If our sinus doesn’t clear up  after using inhalers for days, CALL THE DOCTOR! A pain in your toe:  CALL THE DOCTOR!, …..CALL THE DOCTOR!, CALL THE DOCTOR! CALL THE DOCTOR!… infinitum……

Of course, many developments in science, especially in the last century or so have helped to stem the tide of disease and ill health.  So calling the DOCTOR was  in order:  Peniciliin, Antibiotics, Anti-Inflammatories, Pasteurization, Irradiation, and  Aspirin to name a few since so many of the effective use of these were not available without a prescription from a physician…

However,  these days we’ve become so dependent on the physicians and pharmaceutical companies to get us out of physical trouble  when it hits….or even worse, when our bodies start to develop diseases which can be life threatening,  that we fail to recognize and practice one obvious and critical fact: PREVENTION! In more than half the cases, our illnessess could have been prevented by simply paying attention!   That is, paying attention to our daily habits, paying attention to our lifestyle and choice of career and most importantly, PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU EAT!

Nature has given us virtually all the medicines we need for almost any ailment if we simply PAY ATTENTION  and do a little bit of research.   We all know that Broccoli and vegetables in general are good for us; as are Grains, Fruits and  Proteins (most commonly Poultry, Fish or Meat.)   However, while all these so called nutritional guidelines are “in line”, most westerners don’t know much about HOW to eat:  that is, what quantities of food to consume;–and obviously we consume “waaay” too much; How to prepare what we eat;  knowing what NOT to eat  ( i.e. eating  “deep fried” anything is never recommended for good nutrition;) How to combine vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates for proper balance and well-being. And I think it is important to know:  What happens to our food in the body while in the digestive system?

In the Format for my Blogs in this Category, I’ll touch upon many of the aspects of how our bodies, in general, process and utilize what we consume.  And recommend ways to reduce the onset of bad health through proper eating habits and using what Nature has provided us:  Herbs, Spices and other healthy alternatives which have been in use for thousands of years by most cultures, except ours!

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To your Health,