Cost Cutting Cuisine — Alsatian Chicken (Jean-Georges Recipe)

Some nights we just want to have an award winning meal without having to go out….So, what to do?  Well,  one way I like to share my experience as a professional chef  is to impart some of these recipes to you; without having to spend the $$$. This dish comes in at about $4.00/per person; depending on wine selected!   It is “creamy” without the cream.

Alsation Chicken w/ Onions in White Wine

One (1) 4 pound Organic Chicken (cut into pieces)

Two (2) Med Onions, chopped coarsely

10-12 cloves garlic, chopped                                          3 TB Olive Oil, 4 TB Butter

2 C White Wine ,     2 TB Fresh Rosemary leaves              S & P to taste

Turn oven on to 425.   In a large Dutch Oven, on top of the stove,  heat half the oil and butter and when sizzling hot, add seasoned chicken pieces, skin side down, till nicely browned.(about 10 minutes).    Remove chicken from pan and set aside.   Add the onions and garlic to the hot oil and saute till translucent.  Return the chicken and rosemary  to the pan and settle into the onions. Cover and put in oven for 10 minutes; uncover and add wine.  Return pan to the oven and bake for another 15-20 minutes until chicken pulls away from bone.   Remove pieces to a serving platter and when onion mixture is cooled, puree in a blender or food processor.   Cover the pieces with the sauce and season to taste.   Enjoy.

The dish described here is one of the tastiest and simple- to -make chicken recipes I have found.  It is from  Jean-Georges Vongericthen’s cookbook “Simple to Spectacular”.   To date I have tried a number of his recipes and have never been disappointed.    If you’ve been fortunate enough to have eaten at his place “Jean-Georges” on Central Park West in NYC, you know how exquisite his menus are.  This recipe serves 4.  And goes well with a nicely chilled Sauvignon Blanc (or any of the Chilean Whites, which are good and not expensive).       

To your Health,