TULSI Restaurant — NYC — Hemant Mathur

Chef Hemant Mathur,  formerly from DEVI, in New York, recently opened his Indian Restaurant, TULSI (meaning “Basil”” in Hindi) at 211 E. 46th (between 2d & 3d AVe).   If you like Northern Indian “street” food, as Hemant calls it, you’ve come to the right place.

The majority of his menu is northern Indian inspired but he has also included from the south– street fare such as  Chaat–mixed Indian veggies. One of my favorites is the excellent fried cauliflower, full of flavor and spice and the black striped bass, steamed in banana leaves.     The ambiance is very congenial as is the waitstaff.  And Hemant finds time to visit the tables to graciously welcome his guests.

We had several dishes which we shared as well as some excellent wines. And came away feeling satisfied.

If you like this kind of cuisine, you will have an enjoyable evening….

To your health,