Cost cutting cuisine

Whenever I shop for any food items, I have found that it pays to “shop around”….Whether I’m searching for basics—(paper goods, etc.) or food items such as Chicken , Beef, or Pork and such,  I’ve been able to find some very  good bargains….Last week I found a delicious “organic” chicken–3.5 lbs on sale for a total price of $ 2.88 ! at Gristedes in NYC and it was delicious.   I find that when shopping for paper goods, it pays to look at Staples, or K-Mart…..or some of the large chains….it’s the same product as mainstream grocery stores, but they can afford to sell so much less because of the sheer volume.   If you happen to live in NYC, don’t fail to take advantage of the Essex Market at Delancey Street near the Bowery.   Their Fish prices are only topped by the Chinese markets on Canal Street.   I bought Prince Edward Island Mussels-for $ 6. 00–for several dozen….Large and flavorful.   And the harvesting dates and packaging dates are always clearly visible on the tags.  And all the fish is always fresh, with clear eyes and fresh sea smell.   There is also a produce market there that has things one can’t find in most conventional shops:  Aloe stalks, fresh horseradish, Guavas, roots, herbs and the like.

Stay tuned for more info on cost cutting ideas.

To your Health,