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This particular page will be dedicated to bringing you updates on current events both nationally and from around the world…..


    — We are all now very aware, worldwide, of the problem of diabetes and obesity…problems which have been caused by a number of factors, not the least of which has been overeating and the plethora of processed foods everywhere!      So, if you haven’t yet heard,, several fast food chains are joining in the fight against obesity in America.  Or at least trying to… McDonald’s is serving an all egg-white breakfast sandwich on a high-fiber english muffin;  Taco Bell a whole grain breakfast burrito w/ eggs, tomatoes, onions & peppers on a whole wheat tortilla…Pizza Hut a whole-grain breakfast pizza crust, to name a few….and look for other companies to join in soon.  

     –Did you know that Ice is considered by the FDA as a food?   In fact, there is a growing group of ice-lovers who are referred to as “Ice-Snobs”…..   Mostly because they’re constantly trying to develop and find new ways to produce better ice…and will refuse to use most “conventional” ice cubes in drinks.! (Ice designations are getting quite sophisticated:   “Kold-draft”,” Hoshizaki”).   ..In Japan there is a method of ice manufacturing which virtually eliminates air bubbles….stay cool!

     –No doubt you’ve been feeling the pinch at the supermarket just in the past year as virtually all food products are getting more expensive***…..Milk alone has risen in the last several years more than 43%  while inflation “only” 19%.   –Look for my  new page soon at CafeJondreau on how to save at the supermarket and shop smart to make great meals at home!

***The consumer is not reducing their spending on these not-good-for-you products—the manufacturers report solid steady sales:   CANDY–ALCOHOL—TOBACCO!  Food for thought.

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