On The Road — Chicago

Just to follow up on my last blog, which is several weeks now I know…..but here it is:

There is a restaurant just outside of town, in the old Meat Market district, which Chicagoans consider the “avant garde” place, nearly impossible to get a reservation(it’s said a minimum of 3 months is standard) and supposedly one of the “greatest ” Food experiences one could have……..!   From my experience there, nothing could be more inaccurate.   If you want to go someplace where your wallet is their only target; and you don’t mind being “hornswoggled” out of your $$$ and getting very little in return, by all means, make your reservation and be patient.  If you decide to have a cocktail (very expensive-$14-20 a drink) for a tiny amount, you better finish it before you sit for the prix fixe ($125 per)  so-so meal, since you are not permitted to take the drink with you to the dining room…(?).  And while you’re sitting, the large staff of servers, wine pourers, water pourers(the water never stops),  is moving all around you at such speed, it feels like the middle of Grand Central Station……overall a very unsatisfactory experience.    It is times like this I remember with respect those great words of P.T.Barnum:……..”  There’s a…………” well, you know!

To your Health,