Friday–August 15.

Here’s some nutritional information regarding:

1.  The value of Vitamin D.     An insufficient amount of this essential vitamin can increase the death rate by over 25%….according to a recent study.   And, apparently U.S men & Women are not getting  enough of it.   Most of is acquired by being in the sun…that’s right.  Good old “Sunshine Vitamin D”.   Just like the old tv ads for Bosco used to say. “I love Bosco, that’s the drink for me….Bosco gives me iron and sunshine vitamin D…”  Remember that chocolate drink?  Today you can also supplement your diet w/ Vit D, but be sure to take it with an ascorbic acid(Vitamin C) for absorption.

2.  In a study in China, it was found that eating legumes(soybeans, beans, etc.) can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 38%……!!

Of Note:  —  Stop & Shop supermarkets have discontinued the sale of shark, chilean sea bass and orange roughy until their stock in the wild increases.  * from the Gatehouse Newsservice as reported in the Georgetown Record.

—According to US Consulting firm Mercer & Co., Moscow has the most expensive cup of coffee at over $10.00 a cup!  Makes the local U.S. deli cup at $1.25 look pretty good, eh?