Healthy Eating: “Rouge Tomate” (Exec Chef Jeremy Bearman)– New York City

When I was young (a few millennia ago), almost all great tasting food while delicious  came with a caveat:   If you’re on a diet, stay away.  Too fattening!    Well, happily I can say this is no longer the case.  In fact, most of today’s great food is on the lean side and very nutritious.  Chefs are onto good health and nutrition these days.

I think one of the most evident examples of this is at Rouge Tomate  in NYC.(60th & Madison).  Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman’s philosophy is based on a designation known as SPE:  “Sanitas Per Escam”:  Health through Food. S –Sourcing (using only local ingredients) P – Preparation (using cooking techniques for best preservation of a food’s nutrition and integrity) E — Enhancement ( synergy of product and menu diversity). And what a great job he does.   This Menu is a new twist on Modern Cuisine and when you dine here you feel you’re in one of the great French eateries in Paris.

We were impressed from beginning to end.   I highly suggest this restaurant for anyone looking for some of the best & nutritionally sound eating!

To your health,