Organic Foods  & Beverages have grown more than 18%  in the past two(2) years.  Of course this is due to the higher sticker price at the markets…..some of it is justified as certain organically grown foods really are so much tastier(and healthier) while some companies are just slapping the name “Organic” on certain products in order to charge double and sometimes triple the normal retail…..Be sure to read labels well.

*Note:   Kudos to Conagra Foods.   They have begun using 30-40% recycled plastic for its frozen meal trays at “Healthy Choice, Banquet, Kid Cuisine and Marie Callender”.   This saves  more than 236 Million BTUs of energy and eight (8) million pounds of plastic,  which will not go to landfills.  This procedure reduces greenhouse gases by over 15,000 tons of CO2 per year.