One Enchanted Evening– Nick’s Cove , Marshall , CA

“One Enchanted Evening– Nick’s Cove , Marshall , CA”

Reviewed August 10, 2014

As we drove along HWY 1 , north of San Francisco, on our way to one of our favorite “retreats” again, we still marvel at the beauty of the California Coast. Then, as we make our last turn on the curve as we come into Nick’s Cove, the beauty and serenity of Tomales Bay greets us as we park in front of the Restaurant/Hotel Desk.

Right after check-in, a plate of BBQ Oysters are offered to welcome guests. After getting settled in one of the romantic cottages facing the bay, we sit on the private deck and watch the sunset over the northern tip of Point Reyes Park….an unparalleled vista.

After dinner you must take a leisurely walk along the pier. Be sure to bring a light sweater as it can cool down in the evenings. And as you ready for bed in a luxurious cottage room, complete with kitchen, living space and best of all, a wood burning fireplace which is set and ready to go,

you’ll want to fill in the “breakfast card” with your morning selections. It will be served in your room(or deck) at whatever time you like. You will never feel more at home or pampered.

An absolute must stay in Sonoma County.