“Empathy and Excellence” in Switzerland

“”Empathy and Excellence” in Switzerland”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 16, 2015

Ok….so you’re traveling to Switzerland, a landlocked country surrounded by beautiful mountains, railroad tunnels, hills and valleys. What comes to mind also is cheese, lederhosen and banking. But water?
Needless to say we were not only surprised by how much water there is in this French/German and Italian speaking country; but how beautiful and clean it is. There are rivers and lakes almost everywhere. And all are spectacular. Perhaps none more so than Lake Luzern. While there are a number of hotels dotting the lakefront here, the Hotel Schweizerhof is perhaps the most regal and certainly most historical of them all. Dating from its original construction in 1845, it has been run by the same family, the Hausers, for more than 150 years. And true European hospitality is evident in the well trained staff.
The mile long breakfast buffet, almost beyond description, is worth the stay here alone. From cheeses, egg dishes (to order, if you wish) to local meats, pastries, breads and coffees, even a glass of Prosecco with your orange juice, gets your day started in fine fashion.
Each of its 101 rooms contains a rich and interesting story: that is, the personality and spirit of the notable and influential guests who have stayed here. Most celebrities “sign” one of the walls in the large, modern bathrooms. We stayed in the room where Cherie Blair –wife of Tony Blair–stayed. Mark Twain was here while writing his travelogue “Holiday in Lucern”; and back on earth after walking on the moon Neil Armstrong , who shied from public appearances found comfort and privacy here. From great thinkers, artists, politicians, athletes, musicians and royals (Emperors, Kings & Queens) to anyone with a spirit of adventure and penchant for quality and sophistication continually enjoy one of the finest Hotel experiences in the world.