MENU at Home

On occasion, we have guests over for dinner.  While most of the time a simple menu would suffice, I still enjoy the challenge of a new recipe, or modification of a dish we’ve enjoyed.

Last week we had 6 for dinner on Saturday night so I started prepping the day before; that is, I make the dessert! As a former pastry chef years ago, I learned that dessert is always the first dish to complete—Experience taught me that if you wait till the other courses are done first you will invariably get “backed” into a corner just before your guests arrive.  You’ll find yourself trying to finish that last touch on the sweet course as the doorbell is ringing. So here is the menu I put together; the French Lemon Cream Tart was done the day before; assembled the morning of.


–Chevrot Cheese with mini toasts

–Baked Lamb meatballs with Yoghurt/Labne Dip

— Fresh grated Brussel Sprout Salad w/ crushed almonds and a Sherry Vinaigrette–one of our guests preparations


–Grill Roasted Garlic Chicken (Murray’s chicken is the tastiest)

–Rosemary Red Potatoes


–French Lemon Cream Tart w/ fresh berries (recipe from Dorrie Greenspan–exquisite.  See Dorrie’s book “BAKING” ).

To your Health,