HERBS, Nature’s Medicine

As a young child, one of my favorite things to do was to “explore”.  At 8 or 9 years old my explorations were naturally limited to a small area near my home.  I had to walk through the woods, cross the fields and stay within a safe distance from our house. Nonetheless, I still managed to find plants, bushes and foliage I couldn’t find in my back yard.  Along my trails I found clover, wild mustard, honeysuckle, blades of deep green grass, dandelion flowers, buttercups, pine needles (and the cones which held the great pine nut),  and numerous other growths which I didn’t know.  And since my age made me a curious lad, I tasted everything I picked.   I especially remember the wild mustard seeds; to this day if I ever see it on the side of the road I still grab a stem and nibble nostagically.   I also remember the great flavor of green grass, not knowing that the chlorophyll was helping my immune system; I just liked the fresh taste.

So in the course of my experience in food and healthy living, Nature plays a big part.  And in the course of civilization for so many thousands of years, Nature has provided all the healthy benefits humankind has needed.  Of course, modern medicine delivers some very important remedies for so many ailments and has resulted in longer lives and less worry,   My belief however is that most of today’s healing solutions are prescribed after a disease or ailment begins  Today, preventive medicine is much more important.   And this is where Herbs become the stars.  Especially since their use over the centuries has provided relief and healing properties from the common cold to arthritis, indigestion  to anxiety reduction, lowering of blood pressure, easing the pain of headaches and the list goes on.  Of course if you are under a doctors care, consulting your physician first is recommended.

The following  list  barely begins the litany of the more than hundreds of herbs and invaluable foods we have at our disposal every day.  Most of these are easily attainable and should be in everyone’s pantry.   And if you’re fortunate enough to have space for a garden, many of these can be grown at home.  I suggest buying a book on herbs and increase your knowledge of these great “foods”

Rosemary —  early Romans rubbed their foreheads with a home remedy ointment of rosemary and almond oil for relief of headaches                         and was applied to joints for relief of pain.

Sage         —  Combined with echinacea, can relieve sore throat pain.

Lemon balm  —  Dispels anxiety; restlessness.

Valerian       —  Used as a sedative and sleep aid.

Peppermint  —  An effective remedy for indigestion.   Apply it topically to bug bites and itches.

The following Foods are considered the most important ones for living a long and healthy life.  In ancient times these were worth more than almost any other commodity.

Honey    —  One of natures most powerful healing agents.

Garlic     —  Anti-infection agent; with hundreds of therapeutic properties.

Turmeric — ***one of the most important herbs on the planet.  Over the centuries, it has been used for disease prevention in                                   more  than 500 applications.

Blueberries —  for effective anti-oxidant properties

Apples        — reduces the risk of colon cancer,

………………………..and the list goes on and on.  Stay tuned…..more to come.

To your Health,