The 63d annual Fancy Food show took place at Jacob Javits Center this past week.  And as usual it was a tasty success !

The Specialty Food Association puts these shows on at several venues around the country each year.  Check the website”” for upcoming events

Some Specialty Food Industry Facts :  Specialty Food is now a $127 Billion Industry.  15% of all retail food sales are SF. SF growth averages 15% a year, vs 2% for all other foods; highest growth categories are:  Eggs 184% – Refrigerated RTD Tea & Coffee 114% – Jerky & Meat Snacks 86% – Water 75% –  Shelf stable RTD Tea & Coffee 37% – Frozen Meat alternatives 37%.  The Core Specialty Food Consumer by Gender is Women 58%  Men 62%.  The western part of the US has a small lead over the rest of the country in sales.

Vendors and producers from all over the world set up exhibitions and booths, spending a minimum of 3 days at the show and at least 2-3 days setting up. When they had free time, they got to see the sights and sounds of NYC; as well as eat at some of the best places the area has to offer.

Each year a number of new and tried and true food products and services are displayed and introduced.  Most are terrific and deserve acknowledgement. Some of those I listed here.

BUFFALO BETTY – Braintree, MA.  Panorama Foods. Cocktail Mixes.  Hot & Spicy sauce to Buffalo Style Bloody Mary Mix; Cinnamon & Mulling Spices.  Packed with flavor.,  Ken Meyers, President

MEAT MITCH – Shawnee, KS. Award winning BBQ sauce and smoked meats.

MCKENZIE NATURAL ARTISAN DELI.  Burlington, VT.  Perhaps the best Angus uncured antibiotic-free, gluten free Beef Franks I’ve ever had.

Honey Smoked Fish Co,  Aurora, CO.  Ready to eat, fully cooked, boneless, certified kosher salmon.

Sera Foods LLC – NYC.  US Importer and Distributor of FELICIA organic Rice and Pasta.

Wild PoppyJuice – Organic Juices/Sodas. Try Peppermint Lemondade,  Grapefruit Ginger, Blood Orange Chili et al.

BCGA Concept Corp.  Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Brooklyn NY. Simply the REAL thing when it comes to ginger ale.  None better on the market.

Obrigado –  Bahia Brazil  Premium Coocnut Water. On farm bottling. Strictly non-GMO.  Eco-system farming. Recyclable bottle. Use of 100% of the coconut.

MANSI. A new citrus drink. Fruit from Malaysia. Looks like a lime, tastes like a lemon. Refreshing.

Frontier Soups.  Gurnee, Illinois.  Soup Mixes, no salt added, no preservatives. 20 varieties. Certified Gluten free.           Cornbreads & Polenta.

HEMP FOODS – Plant based protein and omega 3 & 6.  Fiber, iron and magnesium.

CAMPOVERDE FRUITS – packaged fresh fresh fruits; 13 varieties,fruit power bars.

GOURMET DU VILLAGE.  Quebec, Canada.  Prepared food products from delicious dips, appetizers, cheese toppings, grilling, hot chocolate and sweets.

DROGA CHOCOLATES – Los Angeles, CA Some of the finest chocolate products in the USA.  The company is female-founded and produces quality every time. Contact Helen Cooper at

VILNIAUS PERGALE – Chocolates from Lithuania.  Various styles and flavors. Recognized in over 35 countries.  Highest quality.

SANSABA RIVER PECANS – Texas USA Grown in the rolling hills a few hours north of Austin, in a valley of quality air and water, these are some of the tastiest in the USA.

SELEKTIA TARTUFI – ITALY   Truffles. Every kind. Excellent.  contact Simone Calugi at….Also,

THE TRUFFLEIST – NY  Jimmy Kunz Truffles.


KELLE’YS KATCH  CAVIAR.  Savannah, TN.  Rated the best American Caviar.  Look for the story here soon.

CALIFORNIA ORGANIC  EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – Petaluma, CA.   Koroneiki & Arbequina Olives cold pressed within minutes of harvest ensure quality taste and are high in polyphenols.

ACME IMPORT CO   NY, NY.  Olitalia Drink Vinegar.  Cherry – Blueberry – Pomegranate drink vinegars.  Refreshing and alcohol free.  contain Balsamic (Modena) , Apple Cider Vinegar as key ingredients. Nutritional values abound.

LINCET FROMAGERIE – Saligny  FR.   Began in 1895  in the Marne region and moved to Saligny in 1957.  producing some of the finest small scale production of high quality cheese.  Six generations of the same family.  Present day dairies are in Saligny, Vaudes, and Brochon.  Some of the best, especially the brand DELICE.

To your Health,