Is there any more versatile food for use in the kitchen–and elsewhere–than the EGG?   If so, I haven’t found it yet…..

Just thought you might be interested in some of the culinary uses for this incredible edible:

1.  Thickening agent–i.e. custard

2.  Coloring–baked goods

3.  Adding moisture to baked goods–incomparable for cakes, tortes, tarts, etc.

4. Forming emulsions—i.e. mayonaisse, hollandaise and many other sauces

5. Foaming–souffles, meringues

6. Enriching and nutritive quality for most other foods

7. Glazing –in an egg wash

8. Bonding–meats, etc.

9. Clarifying–for consomme

10. Flavoring

And there are many more……

Use the best quality eggs when you can…it’s worth it!

To your health,