Tidbits–Water, The New Liquid Gold

“Water, Water everywhere and how the boards did shrink,

Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

—“The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”, –Samuel Taylor Coleridge

How poignant a statement, especially if you are adrift at sea, as this poor mariner was(allegorically).  The albatross is the featured bird in this situation and the metaphor of the  “albatross around one’s neck”  comes from this poem, resulting in a dire predicament for sure.   Perhaps Coleridge’s portent may have more meaning for us in the next coming decades as our water shortage is deepening.   Yes, we always seem to have water available to us but the supply is dwindling and what we do have is surely not as clean and pure as the bottling companies would like us to think.   Consider this statistic…..The earth is approximately 73% covered with water…..but only three(3)% of this water is drinkable.   And out of this 3%, much of it is in the form of ice–mostly at the poles.  So…..we humans are now relying on the recovery, bottling and packaging of so-called “clean” water from “mountain springs” and fresh water aquafers, where it is monitored and managed for us.   Gee, what ever happened to good old tap water?   Well, nothing really.  These days most tap water is purified and very ok to drink.   In fact much of the “bottled ” variety is really just tap water.   Do you really want to spend $1.50 or so per litre for tap water which comes from your faucet at home?   And what about the environmental impact of producing all those plastic bottles?

If you’re concerned about your own tap water, buy a home filter….it does the job by removing chlorine, pesticides, lead and other contaminants and will save you tons of money.

To your health,