Turkey Bits

Thanksgiving’s here once again–(boy, that was fast!)–and all the preparations are now being made for this truly American “Family” Holiday.   I don’t think there is a better day for the warmth of the hearth and the aromas that fill the house than on this holiday.   And since cooking and eating are so integral to this holiday especially,  I thought I’d mention a few tips and perhaps answer some questions you may have  about this traditional “bird.”

How big a turkey should you buy?

The average weight per person is usually 1 1/2 – 2lbs each…..so for 10 people a 15-20 bird should do it…..but remember, that a 20lb turkey , before cooking, usually yields about 16-17 lbs of meat–(after the bones, giblets, tailpiece,etc.).  And you should  take into account the number of side dishes going with the meal:  less sides, more meat, etc…

Always, always, thaw Frozen Turkey in the refrigerator—this can take up to 4-5 days depending on size…

Never, Never, stuff the Turkey until just before cooking…otherwise you’ll create an incubator for salmonella!

When is the Turkey done?    When internal temp (stuffing) is approximately  165 degrees.  Use an instant read thermometer.

Use leftover turkey carcass and meat to make a great soup…..just add enough water to cover in  a big pot; cook on medium for about an hour; drain and remove bones; put pot back on stove, add 5TB butter, 1 chopped  onion, 1-2 large potatos(cubed), 2 carrots (cubed), 2-3 stalks chopped  celery and saute 5-6 minutes.  Put stock back into pot; add  4 TB parsley,  S&P, and cook over med-low heat for about an hour….Taste for seasoning and serve with leftover stuffing and a green salad.  Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To your health,