Hello and welcome to my website.

Here are some things you might like to know about my background and experience in the food business.   When I was teaching at the Aspen Community school, back in the 1970’s I took a part time job with one of the premier restaurants in Aspen:  “The Parlor Car”.  At the time the executive chef was Scott Doughty, a culinary school graduate and an expert in French cuisine. It was there that I learned some very valuable basics:   How to do prep work—washing cases of spinach, parsley, etc. , knife skills and basic sauces—from bechamel , nantua, soubise and of course hollandaise.  As well, I learned from Scott how to clean fish, trim meats and how to saute.

The following year I went to Sussex, England to study the work ofRudolf Steiner at Emerson College in Forest Row.  While there I worked in the kitchen which was supplied by the produce and dairy we raised on the two organic farms the school owned.  During that year I took some time off to go to France and was hired by a young French chef who had just received his first Michelin Star—Pierre Orsi.  Here I  worked  in his kitchen as a prep cook and pot washer.   As unglamorous as that may sound, to this day I never regret the lessons I learned on how to keep a clean kitchen functioning well.  It may have been one of the hardest jobs I ever had—working from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.—but it served me well. The chefs in the kitchen also taught me how to  peel an apple, make pate brisee and the famous Tarte Tatin.   Even though I was not there very long, I came away with a renewed sense of what it takes to prepare a truly authentic French meal.

Several years later, I went to Los Angeles where I began working as one of the sous chefs at the then most popular caterers–Parties Plus. This company catered meals to the stars,  special events and private parties to the Beverly Hills crowd. …All of which were of the highest quality.   (The largest party we ever did was for the  officials ,players, and notables of the Super Bowl—four thousand(4000) people!  We had 40 prep cooks working for two weeks to get ready for this one. What a time! .  Two years later,  when I returned to Aspen, I went back to the Parlor Car and became their pastry chef.  Each day as I arrived at the kitchen, I prepared the  desserts for that evening’s menu…from cakes, tortes, delicate pastries to sorbets and ice cream.  Within a few years, I opened a small creperie, the Cafe Jondreau, down the valley from Aspen.   I set up the cafe as a display kitchen, where I would make crepes to order—from savory to sweet–. The seafood crepe and the chocolate were the most popular!

Since then I have owned my own private catering business—freshly prepared gourmet meals to order–and now work as a personal chef for individuals in the Hamptons.   (I also teach private cooking lessons for small groups).Chef Jim Jondreau

The one thing I have learned over the years is that we never stop learning!  I keep up-to-date with the trends in the food industry as well as the health aspects of eating well.    I subscribe to nutrition newsletters and other publications in the culinary world.

And, I am always willing to listen to any input for new ideas, new recipes, techniques and other commentary from all of you.

So thank you for visiting my website and keep “tuning in””. There’s lots more to come. I hope my sharing my experiences and information with you will help you to prepare and serve great and healthy meals.

To your health,