Big Fish in Smaller Ponds


Growing numbers of ambitious young chefs and restaurateurs are abandoning the bright lights and big cities and establishing thriving restaurants in secondary markets.

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Nutrition–Soy Products

There are still a number of opinions in western thinking about the value of SOY products.  Back in the 1960’s, the “under 30” generation decided to change just about everything:  from clothes, hairstyles, music, “love”, politics and so much more, especially Diet and  Food.   We moved away from Chicken a la King and Meatloaf w/ […]

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Just in case you haven’t had enough of “The Wedding”, and you missed this part,  here’s most of what they ate: pressed duck terrine with fruit chutney, roulade of goat’s cheese with caramelised walnuts, quails eggs with celery salt, bubble and squeak*** with confit shoulder of lamb, grain mustard and honey-glazed chipolatas and miniature Yorkshire […]

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Nutrition — Superfooods for Health

In modern times, the search for the best and most nutritious foods is ever ongoing.   It seems  nutritional guidelines are constantly changing.  While most of the basic foods always make the “list”,  others seem to have been recently discovered as the best source for this or for that vitamin/mineral/fiber, etc. Personally, I don’t believe we’ll […]

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On The Road — Napa Valley Wineries & San Francisco

“Splendor” , “Mirth” and “Good Cheer”.   These are the “Three Graces”,(daughters of Zeus) known in ancient Greece for dancing, singing and bringing joy to Olympian parties.  This is also the guiding philosophy  at the Clos du Val vineyards in the Stag’s Leap District and at the Carneros region in Napa and Sonoma County, CA.  After […]

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On The Road — Oceania Cruises

There was a time on Cruise Ships , many years ago, when the passengers had to be satisified with the meals which came out of those large galleys–Prime Rib, Meat Loaf, Chicken in Lemon Sauce and Baked Halibut, etc.  While it was always ok, and tasty, it wasn’t until recently—in the past 20 years or […]

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TULSI Restaurant — NYC — Hemant Mathur

Chef Hemant Mathur,  formerly from DEVI, in New York, recently opened his Indian Restaurant, TULSI (meaning “Basil”” in Hindi) at 211 E. 46th (between 2d & 3d AVe).   If you like Northern Indian “street” food, as Hemant calls it, you’ve come to the right place. The majority of his menu is northern Indian inspired […]

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NUTRITION — Cucumbers & Green Beans

There are many sources of essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health.  While we know that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, proper carbohydrates, proteins and fats and drinking plenty of good water are important, not many people are aware of exactly which foods provide which essentials. In my blog on nutrition, I […]

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