Big Fish in Smaller Ponds


Growing numbers of ambitious young chefs and restaurateurs are abandoning the bright lights and big cities and establishing thriving restaurants in secondary markets.

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Cost Cutting Cuisine — Beef Tenderloin

One would not normally expect that filet mignon and cost cutting  could be used in the same sentence , but upon closer attention, there is no reason they shouldn’t be.   As I have mentioned in the past, when attempting to reduce your food bill, always think in terms of buying either in bulk or in large quantities.  When it comes […]

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Cost Cutting Cuisine–Chicken a la Chicken

For anyone who cooks, especially for one who bakes, we all know how versatile and important the EGG is.   Well, isn’t it simply propitious that the egg comes from one of the most versatile and important food in our diet–the CHICKEN.  When I think of the number of dishes which can be made from this […]

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Cost Cutting Cuisine–Pasta Primavera

In the Italian language, primavera means “spring” , as in the season…it conjures up freshness, youth and new beginnings….at the Italian table “Pasta Primavera” is much the same:   fresh, light, tasty and colorful…. Since the ingredients are fairly simple—pasta and fresh vegetables–one can vary a bit and still come out with a delicious repast.  Just make […]

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Is there any more versatile food for use in the kitchen–and elsewhere–than the EGG?   If so, I haven’t found it yet….. Just thought you might be interested in some of the culinary uses for this incredible edible: 1.  Thickening agent–i.e. custard 2.  Coloring–baked goods 3.  Adding moisture to baked goods–incomparable for cakes, tortes, tarts, etc. 4. […]

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Cost Cutting Cuisine—Thanksgiving Day with friends

Well the “real” holiday season is upon us.  A few days from now is  Thanksgiving Day.   The celebration, orginally  between the early settlers of the New World and the Indians(subsequently referred to as Native Americans)–was a feast  and a symbol of peace between these two groups. The pioneers cooked up the bounty of their husbandry and farming and the […]

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NYC M-0n-W Interview–Andre Soltner

This year’s event was a special tribute to some of France’s greatest chefs…..older now, but still loving what they do.  This podcast we talk with Chef Soltner, one of the “originals” who was instrumental in bringing great French food and technique from France to the world.  

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NYC Meals-on-Wheels, Rockefeller Center, Summer 2008

[podcast][/podcast] The 26th anniversary of the event which was begun by James Beard and Gael Greene.  This program provides food for the homeless and less fortunate and has provided meals for more than 200,000 people. I was fortunate to attend this year’s event which honored the great chefs of France. Many of whom you’ll hear […]

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